The Driver


Male, 38 Years Old
Don’t look now, but there’s a sad man staring at you. At least, I think he’s staring at you. It’s hard to tell through the bullet ridden windshield. You can’t see him, so I’ll tell you, he’s reaching a hand up into his jacket. Nice, I think it’s real leather. Oh, but, yeah, you should run. Not that it’ll help.

Items owned:


The Golden Slipper
Takes too long to fill up with gas, and fills up too fast with people. But once you’re moving you’ll be hard pressed find a faster car on the road. Black anodized plating, stripped from the wreckage of a stealth bomber, is riveted to the sides. Fits Fray like a glove. Yeah, shut up.
Fast, Responsive, Sleek, Cramped, Guzzler


The Tank
Fray hasn’t named this car yet, which means its new. In other words, it’s still in good condition. In other words, if you put a dent in its fender Fray will shoot grenades at you. From the grenade launcher. On his tank. Or maybe just the machine guns. Did I mention it’s a tank?
Rugged, Off-Road, Handmade, Loud, Rabbity



It’s loud and angry. Get a little closer and it’ll let you know it.


It’s out there in the desert somewhere, but don’t bother looking. You won’t find it.


Fray had it good growing up. Even after a full-world apocalypse, Fray was left with two parents that loved him, a home, and an electric car that had been retrofitted to run off the dwindling supplies of gasoline.

Day to day business was conducted with the constant burning of eyes on the back of his head, made all too aware of his advantages in life by those who begrudged him for it, and those who went out of there way to get it.

After Fray’s parents were gone, their electric pea shaped car long twisted into an unruly stalk, Fray decided he would use his considerable advantages to give to those who weren’t as fortunate.

The life of a foster parent never quite suited him, and the children he took in, orphans, although the word had all but lost its meaning, moved from his life and his home as quickly as they came. He never found a child to call his own, or a woman to share it with, but he did find Frankie. Tough and intelligent, she didn’t need him at all. And that’s why he hasn’t left her side.

For Frankie, he’d follow her to the ends of the earth. Or at least drive her there.


Apocalypse World: Orphans Kalus